An Ode To “Ordinary” People Everywhere

1 min readMay 31, 2021

Monks! Dickinson! Walter Mitty!

Now I can see,

It’s okay to be ordinary!

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention,

Or beg for retention;

What’s wrong with appearing plain and the same?

Maybe you seem mundane,

But can they see your brains?

The animation in your veins?

Why do I push to be so unique?

Instead of giving space to what hums underneath,

Letting that speak;

Why do I betray my internal tides

For the sake of some self advertise?

Time to invent the person I want to be

And become him, authentically!

If I succeed,

Achieve something to your fancy,

Then you may come to see

My every idiosyncrasy

As some form of special “energy;”

If I accomplished something worth your “congratulations”

You’d turn me into an object of adoration;

But it’s just some overcomplicated math equation,

Your personal creation,

All in your imagination;

Because I’m still as simple as can be!

As far as you can see in reality;

Let me hasten

To the end of this narration:

It’s okay to be common and clean shaven!

To quit that one-man battle for differentiation;

Shed the armour, trade it for some uniform;

Let yourself conform;

Now you’re free to transform!

Ready to explore, reborn.