I Can Hear My Inner Voice. Now What?

2 min readJun 14, 2021


There are plenty of ways to live your life.

Your first option is to go through life as a cog who follows the voice of the crowd. Pop the blue pill and go down the path laid before you. Get this education, work that job and live the “ultimate” life. If things go according to plan, you’ll barely realize that something was off.

Your second option is to find your “inner voice.” Plenty of religions and self-help empires have been built to help you hear the whispers of that voice.

But what happens once you can genuinely hear your inner voice? You’ll quickly realize that there’s not a single resoundingly clear voice in your head but several contradicting narratives talking over each other. You’ll see all the parts that make up your whole, yet the parts won’t seem to fit together. This is the experience the gurus never warned you about, because most of them haven’t even listened to their own inner voices. They’re scummy salespeople trafficking a product they’ve never tried for themselves. So now what?

Your third option is to become a lunatic. On this path, you’ll hear all your inner voices— a rich orchestra of diverse perspectives — but barely understand what’s going on. Here, you’ve failed to synthesize your inner voices in a way that enables you to think clearly. So you’ll wander about, confused and alone, as you argue with voices that only you can hear.

Your fourth option is to learn how to conduct your inner orchestra. Here, you understand yourself and can think relatively clearly. But you stop there. You don’t find a way to express yourself to others. You don’t bother to develop a skill — any skill — that enables you to share your inner music with the rest of the world. While you may think you’re a genius, to the rest of the world you’re just an egotistical prick who masturbates to his own thoughts.

Your fifth option is to listen to all your inner voices, reconcile them, and then find a tangible way of expressing those reconciliations to the world. You’ll be the conductor of a rowdy, eccentric orchestra, and the world will be your concert hall.